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If you’ve already left home and are on your trip this cover is subject to a 3 day no- cover period. This means there is no cover under any section for any event that has occurred already or that arises within the first 3 days of buying the policy.

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    • holding a visa allowing you to live, work or study in Australia?

    Limited cover for COVID-19. Further terms and conditions apply, including:

    • No cover for trip cancellation costs for trips commencing within 21 days of policy purchase date if you test positive to COVID-19 and cannot travel. (For trips starting in advance of 21 days from policy purchase, sub-limits apply with cover only available on some plans)
    • No COVID-19 related cover:

      ○  for travel to a country subject to a 'do not travel' advice on at the time you enter that country

      ○  whilst travelling on a multi-night cruise, or

      ○  where a government authority closure, quarantine or isolation order is imposed on cross area, border, region or territory travel.

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    This quote is calculated on pre-selected options which may not meet your needs. Consider all the options and select the cover options that suit your needs.

    Check travel advisories

    Before purchasing travel insurance, and while you're travelling, check our travel alerts and advisories for your intended destination(s).

    We don’t cover events or circumstances you know about, or ought to know about, at the time of buying this travel insurance.

    Your duty to take reasonable care
    You have a duty to take reasonable care not to make a misrepresentation when entering into this contract of insurance

    It’s important you understand you’re answering our questions for yourself and anyone else that you want to be covered by the contract and that the insurance we offer is based on your answers.

    When you answer the questions you must take reasonable care to give a true and accurate answer and fully answer the question.

    If you do make a misrepresentation to us, we may cancel Your contract or reduce the amount we will pay you if you make a claim, or both. If you make a fraudulent misrepresentation to us, we may refuse to pay a claim and treat the contract as if it never existed.

    By continuing, you acknowledge and understand the above.

    Travel Insurance Benefits

    24 hour medical assistance

    Global medical help is only ever a phone call away with 24-hour medical assistance included with Easy Travel Insurance.

    Cancellation & amendment

    In the event your trip is interrupted or changed, you can receive benefits for delays and resuming your journey, and add cover for cancellation.

    Lost passport & travel documents

    If you lose your passport or need travel documents replaced, Easy Travel Insurance has you protected.

    Money back guarantee

    Unless you’ve already departed for your trip or filed a claim, you can receive your money back if you opt to cancel your policy within 15 working days from date of purchase.